Chess Variant: Manifest Chesstiny

I rarely post games I haven’t tested to death these days, especially Chess variants, which I stopped designing 20 years ago. But I really like this one so I’m posting it. It’s simple, clear, and does something like what Fischer Random Chess does (creates a great many more openings), but without the randomness.

Equipment: played with a normal Chess set plus sixteen white Go stones and 16 black Go stones.

Setup: Place the white and black stones on the board in the same spots where the white and black armies setup in normal Chess. Place all the Chess pieces next to the board.

Rules: Players take turns. On your turn, replace any one of your stones with any one of your off-board pieces if possible, and then move any one of your Chess pieces on the board as normal.

  • There is no castling
  • Stones are captured in the same manner as pieces are in Chess. Once captured, both pieces and stones are permanently removed from the game.
  • If it becomes impossible to bring your King on board because you have no stones left to convert, you lose.

Otherwise the rules are the same as FIDE Chess.

If you want to play a game that’s closer to Chess than the above (i.e. normal pawn structures), start with all the pawns on the board in their normal positions.

[edit] based on this discussion, I’ve altered the turn rule according to a suggestion from user Martin0.

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