Catchup is now live in the app store!

Today’s the big day for me. My game Catchup is now live in the app store (both iPhone and iPad)

This is how I feel:


BoardGameGeek was kind enough to let me do a designer diary for it, which you can and should read here.

A Request

While the game has buzz among those who know about it, the app store is so crowded, an app needs to be both good AND broadcast widely to have a chance. I badly want mine to have a hearing because if it succeeds, it’ll pave the way to more work in the game industry. What I’m saying is: if you spread this around to anyone who might be interested you’ll more or less make my life.

(also note: anyone who does help spread this around will be entered into a contest to receive an artist-commissioned table-top version of the game, among other things. See here for more.)

9 thoughts on “Catchup is now live in the app store!

  1. I love the game! My main feedback is to please, please allow external audio during game play so I can provide my own soundtrack / listen to podcasts while playing. Despite that, I have still been playing too much already and can’t wait to try it out with friends.

    1. Thanks much! I’ll let the developer know and hopefully he can squeeze it into the next update. I’m terribly glad you like it.

    2. ah. I see we’re facebook friends. Stupid facebook algo has never shown me a single one of your posts, so I had no idea.

      1. Yeah, I saw a post of yours on facebook at some point – and I was amazed you had become a game designer! Very cool stuff.

        I never post on facebook, so I can’t really blame them for not showing you anything from me.

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