Stinker! – a game of questions and funny anagrammed responses.


Stinker (available locally at most Barnes & Noble stores, as well as Amazon) is sort of a cross between Bananagrams and Apples to Apples (the dirtier playtesters call it Bananagrams Against Humanity – the game is as dirty as you are). I’ve been inventing both word games and party games for years but most aren’t special enough to share. This one is, or anyway it makes drinks exit through playtesters’ noses.

I designed it for my wife’s birthday because she loves wordplay, especially anagramming. “Stinker” is an anagram of her name (Kristen), but it also describes the daffy anagrammed responses created during play. I wrote a popular BGG designer diary about it, which tells you everything you need to know.


Nick Bentley

10 thoughts on “Stinker! – a game of questions and funny anagrammed responses.

      1. – Item on a restaurant menu
        – Scientific name for a flower
        – The title of a sad poem
        – Name of an indie band
        – A street name

      2. yeah, I know. We probably have 40 good ones at the moment, and it took us a while to get them. If I find there’s interest in the game, I might make some attempt to publish it, as I have a cool idea for how to brand it/package it. And if that happens, I’ll be sure to let you know. You can cobble together a set yourself from a couple of sets of bananagrams, using face-down scrabble tiles for the blanks.

      3. Or just the blank scrabble pieces?

        40 is a good number to start with, but I think you would need almost 100 for good replayability…

        – Singer stage name
        – Superhero catchphrase
        – Self-help book title
        – Album name
        – Name of a boat
        – Political party slogan
        – Chant at a sports game

        Feel free to completely ignore these, but they’re fun to come up with.

  1. I agree more will be needed, but I’m in no rush, because I have enough for our own game group’s purposes for a while. One nice feature is that we seem to get more mileage out of each prompt than we do the prompts for other games. But if the game were to be commercial, I would definitely want more, probably around 150, which I think is doable.

  2. I would love to make an open-source Fibbage-style smartphones-and-TV version of this game… it definitely reminds me of Quiplash, but without the frustration of not knowing what to type in an empty textbox

  3. I’ve had the exact same thought. I’ve wanted to make a game show out of it forever, but haven’t for lack of time. BTW, this game has been available in boxed form for a years now:

    (I need to update this page. ALOT has happened with the game since I last did)

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