Google Presentation: A Great Way to Play Abstract Games By Email

Quick tip regarding how to play abstract games by Email:  Make a Google Presentation in Google Documents consisting of a board and pieces, and then share it with your opponent using Google’s sharing functionality.  It’s very simple and you can make the graphics as nice as you want.  Truly, this is waaay better than using ascii (I’m looking at you Bill Taylor).  Here’s what it looks like:


8 thoughts on “Google Presentation: A Great Way to Play Abstract Games By Email

  1. Ok, let's have a go!  Warning: I may not make my moves superfast (probably 1/day or fewer), because work is very busy, but if you're ok with that, let's rumble.

  2. Just send me your email and I’ll invite you to a game.  I don’t have so much time either so that’s fine by me.

  3. Do you know if Google Presentation has a layering system? I’m working on a game that has stackable pieces and I tried using to prototype/test it, but it didn’t really have good features for layering.If it does, I may just be able to use it.

  4. I don't think Google presentation has a layering system, at least in the sense that say, photoshop has one.  That said, you can easily represent stacked pieces in Google presentation, because you can put shapes or objects on top of other objects in presentation. So I'm guessing it will probably work for your purpose. 

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