Mind Ninja

Mind Ninja is the first big splash I made in the game world. It won a prestigious design competition called the Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société. When I won they flew me out to Paris and I had to awkwardly stand in front of a huge audience, speaking English and waiting for the translator to translate it into French, because, alas, I can’t speak French. That all happened before I had this site so everything there is to know about the game can only be accessed via ye olde PDF. Enjoy. Or not: Mind Ninja Current (PDF)

2 thoughts on “Mind Ninja

  1. Hey! This is an awesome blog, and I admire the work you have done. Though, sadly, I haven’t had a chance to play any of yet. I have a question. How much of a following does Mind Ninja have? I haven’t been able to find much information on it, other than the rules, so I thought perhaps it wasn’t widely played. Also… are you planning on a commercial version?

    PS: I’m trying to determine how little structure there can be to a game before everything comes apart. Do you think one could introduce symbols to the stones to add more victory conditions?

    1. Hi Emil,

      Regarding this blog: thanks. Your compliment means a great deal to me.

      Mind Ninja: it’s not widely played anymore. I had publishing offers back when it was invented, but I felt it wouldn’t be commercially successful, so I declined. Even when it was getting a lot of attention, the attention had more to do with its conceptual novelty than its gameplay.

      You definitely could add symbols on the stones, but I don’t think it’d help gameplay. The game already seems to me to be too “wide open” as it is.

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